DotNet Technology MCQ BCA Fifth Semester 2020 Batch

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Here’s the DotNet Technology MCQ BCA fifth semester 2020 batch (Exam held on May 2024)

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24
Course Title: Dot Net Technology code No: CACS 302
Batch: 2020
Semester: V

Group A
Attempt all the questions.

I. Circle (O) the correct answer. [10×1 = 10]
1. What is the output after compilation of .NET supported programming language?
a) MSIL code c) Native Code
b) Byte code d) Object Code

2. If A=50 and B=13 then what is the value of A^B?
a) 61 c) 47
b) 49 d) 73

3. Which of the following is the root of the .NET type hierarchy?
a) System. Type c) System. Base
b) System. Object d) System. Root

4. Which C# concept has the capability of an object to take; of different forms and hence display behaviors as accordingly?
a) Inheritance c) Abstraction
b) Encapsulation d) Polymorphism

5. Which of the following class can used for only base class but cannot be instantiated?
a) Abstract class c) Sealed class
b) Static class d) Partial class

6. Which of the following generic class is used to store data in key-value pair?
a) List c) Dictionary
b) LinkedList d) Tuple

7. Which generic delegate is used to invoke function returning Boolean value?
a) Func c) Action
b) Predicate d) Area

8. LINQ query expression must begin with which clause?
a) Select c) Orderby
b) Group d) From

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9. Which of the following object in ADO.NET can be used to the data to be manipulated?
a) Connection c) DataReader
b) Command d) DataAdapter

10. Which of the following ASP .NET validation control provides all validation error as a list at one time at the end?
a) Custom validator c) Compare validator
b) RegularExpression Validator d) Validation Summary

DotNet Technology MCQ BCA Fifth Semester 2020 Batch

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