Web Technology MCQ BCA Third Semester 2023

BCA Nepal

Web Technology MCQ BCA Third Semester 2023

Attempt all the questions. [10×1=10]

1. Circle (0) the correct answer.

i. What are empty elements and is it valid?

a) No, there is no such term like empty elements

b) Empty elements are elements with no data

c) No, it is not valid to use Empty Element

d) none of the above are element with no data

ii. In the three-tier architecture, the intermediate layer between database and client servers is classified as

a) Functional server

b) Transaction server

c) Application server

d) Disk server

iii. CSS uses Tilde (~) operator for,

a) General sibling selector

b) Descendent selector

d) Child selector

c) Adjacent sibling selector

iv. Namespace in XML is used to,

a) Distinguishes one XML vocabulary from another

b) Provides the spaces into name

c) Querying language

d) Provide tag name

V. By Default, Session is destroyed on..

a) Closing of browser

b) Logging out of system

c) Session can’t be destroyed

d) Clearing all cookies form browser

vi. Which of the following is not type of screen frames in HTML?

a) iframe

b) noframe

c) frameset

d) uframe

vii. Which protocol is used to transmit data on the WWW?

a) FTP




viii. Which of the following is not the valid XPath Expression?





ix. What is the default username for MySQL database?

a) admin

b) root

c) manager

d) There is no default username in MySQL

X. Which of the following HTML tag is the special formatting tag?

a) <p>

b) <span>

c) <pre>

d) <em>