Scripting Language 2018 Old Examination Question

BCA Nepal

Group B

2. Explain the concept, structure, and importance of the Document Object Model (DOM).

3. What is JavaScript? Write a JavaScript to print largest & smallest among 10 elements of an array

4. What is a dialog box? Explain different dialog boxes with suitable examples in JavaScript.

5. Explain two HTTP functions to accept the user values from the interface with a suitable PHP program.

6. What is the use of JQuery? Write the sample program to show and hide the certain with the use of JQuery.

7. Why Ajax is required in web development? Write a sample program to synchronize data between JavaScript and PHP.

8. Why is CMS? Write the steps to create a sub-menu in WordPress or Joomla.

Group C

Attempt any Six question

9. Design the following form in HTML and display the value in the result box after calculating basic arithmetic operations based on user input with the use of JavaScript

10. Write an Object-Oriented PHP Program to implement the concept of inheritance in considering with following class diagram with the use of constructor for 20 students.

11. Design the following form in HTML and write corresponding PHP and SQL code to store the user’s values after satisfying the following validation rules.
a) Length of full name up to 40 characters.
b) Email address must be a valid email address.
c} Username must start with string followed by a number.
d) Password length must be more than eight characters.
Assume your own database and database connectivity constraints if necessary.

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