Operational Research Notes Video Playlist

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📚 Course Outline: Operations Research

Welcome to Unit 1: Introduction to Operations Research!

Unit 1: Introduction to Operations Research (5 hrs) In this introductory unit, we delve into the fascinating world of Operations Research (OR). Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll explore:

1. Introduction to OR:

  • Get acquainted with the fundamental concepts of Operations Research and its significance in decision-making.

2. History of Operations Research:

  • Uncover the historical roots and evolution of OR, tracing its development over the years.

3. Stages of Development:

  • Discover the various stages that have contributed to the growth and maturity of Operations Research.

4. Manager-OR Specialist Relationship:

  • Understand the dynamic collaboration between managers and OR specialists in solving complex problems.

5. OR Tools and Techniques:

  • Explore the toolbox of tools and techniques at an OR specialist’s disposal to tackle real-world challenges.

6. Applications of Operations Research:

  • Dive into the diverse applications of OR across industries, from logistics to finance and beyond.

7. Limitations of Operations Research:

  • Gain insights into the constraints and limitations that OR encounters in problem-solving.

Stay tuned as we embark on this educational journey through Operations Research!

Unit 2: Linear Programming Problem (10 hrs) Coming up next: Linear Programming, formulation, graphical analysis, simplex method, and more! Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration.

Unit 3: Transportation and Assignment Problem (8 hrs) We’ll tackle transportation problems, assignment problems, and their solutions, including the famous Hungarian Method.

Unit 4: Queuing Theory (6 hrs) Delve into queuing theory, its elements, classification, and Kendall’s Notation.

Unit 5: Inventory Control (6 hrs) Uncover the world of inventory control, cost analysis, and economic order quantity models.

Unit 6: Replacement Theory (6 hrs) Learn about equipment replacement, including both capital equipment and alternative equipment scenarios.

Unit 7: Game Theory (7 hrs) Discover the intriguing field of Game Theory, including two-person zero-sum games, strategies, and more.

Stay engaged and keep learning with us in this exciting journey through Operations Research! 📊🧮📈 #OperationsResearch #Education #DecisionMaking