Details to know about Computer Fundamentals and Application (BCA)


Computer Fundamentals and Application teaches you simple basic formations of Computer System. The basic you need for further study of BCA you will study it. This Course book contains different basic things of computer like History of Computer, Generations of Computer, Classification of Computers, I/O Devices. Storage System, Computer Software and Operating Systems, Computer Arithmetic, Database Management System, Data Communication and Computer Networks, Internet and WWW , Multimedia, MS-DOS.

So Lets talk about Syllabus and its Contents. This course contains these different topic we will share about it here. So topics are:

Introduction to Computer System

On this Unit introduction of Computer System is discussed. And Characteristics of Computer System is discussed. And also the Application of Computer System is discussed like where it is used and application areas. History of Computer system is also there you should self study it. Different Generations of Computer System is also discussed here. Like there are 5 Generation of computer systems and details about it with advantages and disadvantages. Classification of Computer systems. Classification of Computer systems are also discussed , Mobile Computing , Architecture and System Buses.And input and output devices are also discussed. Uses of Input Devices and Output Devices and its examples of it with Memory Classifications.

Computer Software

On this Unit Introduction to Software is discussed. Different types of Software, Program Software and Computer Virus and Anti Virus is discussed. So you can know basic things for further study about Software’s.

Operating System

On this unit introduction of OS and different functions of it like, where and which OS are used now a days and whats its purpose of it. What are the Open Source OS they are discussed.

Database Management System

On this Unit introduction to DBMS is discussed. Different Database Models are discussed , Data Security, SQL, Design Data Ware House, Database mining, Database Administration. SQL Codes are also Discussed (Only Some) but not quite Important for Examinations.

Data Communication and Computer Network

Some of the different networks based on size are:

  • Personal area network, or PAN
  • Local area network, or LAN
  • Metropolitan area network, or MAN
  • Wide area network, or WAN

These networks are discussed at first. Different Transmission media , Network Devices , OSI Reference and many more. So the basic things about Communication is Discussed.

Internet and WWW

On this Unit at first Introduction of it is discussed. Its Application, Client Server Technology, Email, ISP, DNS, Protocols and other few things are discussed. This unit is quiet easy. Nothing Vast is discussed just basic things you should know after studying IT those things are discussed.

Contemporary Technologies

On this section Multimedia, e-Commerce, e-Learning, Hypermedia, VR, AI, Bit Coins, Robotics are Introduced .

Laboratory Works

So on Lab you are introduced to MS-Packages like MS-Word, MS-Excel, Spreadsheet, Photoshop and some hardware works. Its easy you can learn easily even no-IT students can learn it and needs it.


On Conclusion i personally advise you too read and study it calmly it is the easiest course on first semester and you can get marks easily and secure good grade.

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